‘We’re not here to BE…but to BECOME’

Every life journey has moments of joy, pain, frustrations and confusion… years of hard work and seconds of true satisfactions.With every story lived and shared on Mentorit.TV, I aim to reveal which decisive moments, people and choices brought my special guests to the place where they are right now. With every story shared, I aim to show how we can evolve and become the best version of ourselves,

Potential and passion are only part of the ‘SUCCESS FORMULA’. We also need the ‘HOW’… how best to turn our visions into ultimate performance? Every story gives insight into my guests’ unique mindset, values and believes, that lead them to the choices they made. Who helped them, guided them, protected them? Who was their ‘gamechanger’?

Open, authentic and with candor my guests show that it may take more than courage and strength to voice an opinion, unconventional and inconvenient to the zeitgeist or establishment. My guests are happy to share their lessons learned and wisdom gained, becoming our fountain of inspiration, guidance and mentorship. Every story shared can empower you to turn your dream into concrete actions and ultimately into your personal success story.


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